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Equine Event Etiquetee

Cowboys & Cowgirls, Parents & Grandparents:

A friendly reminder from the Performance Pony Company:

Some of us are well into our competitive season, others are just getting started. We want to wish you all the best of luck this year and to share a few friendly reminders of Equine event etiquette and arena safety.

- Read the event flyer including all the rules and be patient! Most helpers at horse related events are volunteers and don’t work these events on a regular basis. Be patient and ask questions nicely if something is confusing or seems to be incorrect. If you think you can improve an event, help by volunteering at the next event.

- Before you question or contest a call, make sure you know the rules. If the rules aren’t on the event flyer or posted at the event, respectfully ask for a copy before the event begins. Be timely in questioning a call, and be respectful. Once an event is complete, changes are rarely made to the results. Remember, WE ARE ALL HUMAN, even judges, secretaries, producers and helpers make mistakes. Being a judge isn’t always easy and they have to make tough calls. Sometimes those calls work in your favor and sometimes they don’t. Be kind, these things always come full circle in time.

-Be prepared! If you or your child are competing, know who is competing ahead of you and be ready when it’s your turn. Everyone including producers, stock contractors and helpers is trying to be efficient and get everyone home as quick as possible. Do your part and be ready when your name is called.

-Offer to help! Like the sign posted many places “Before You Complain, Volunteer”. REMEMBER, most people working are doing their best to help YOU and YOUR KIDS for little or nothing. Return the favor!

-Stay clear of the gate! Make sure contestants can enter and exit the arena when they are called.

-Train at home! The event is not the place to fix your horse. Don’t expect people to clear a path for you from a mile away, restring the barrier five times or wait three minutes for you to get your horse in the arena. When you struggle, take responsibility for your horse and how it acts. Apologize for the inconvenience and do your best to fix the problem at home or before the event starts.

-Keep a positive attitude! Remember you aren’t the only one there! If it went great, smile and wish the next person good luck. If it didn’t go well, shake it off, smile and wish the next person good luck. No matter what, stay positive! There is always another chance.

-MOST IMPORTANT!!! Have fun, smile, laugh, learn, help, thank your parents and be grateful every time you load the trailer! Each-and-every one of us blessed to be a part of this awesome lifestyle. Cherish it!

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