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This beauty is a Performance Pony Company favorite. This 11" basketweave tooled w/ I-beam border tooling and roughout seat and fenders, it just the ticket to keep your favorite youth rider and their equine partners operating without balance or saddle fit problems. These saddles are created to keep your rider balanced when transitioning from one gait to the next and while stopping and turning. The fenders are positioned to suppor a balanced and atheltic position in all speed and roping events. 


    • Extra Twist: Keeps your riders balanced and comfortable! Saddles that lay flat add extra tension and stress on the riders hips and knees, making it uncomfortable and hard for young riders to stay balanced and hinders their ablity to ride in an athletic position.
    • Fender Options: We offer fenders in two sizes that can be changed out as your little riders grow up!
    • Tree Specs:
      • Single coat fiberglass covered wood trees
      • Glassed in ground seat
      • 90% Bars
      • Option: 7" or 6.5"
      • 13" swells
      • Cantle: 4" unless specified otherwise
  • Saddle Horn:
    • The Rhonda (roping saddle) & The BeRhonda (all-around saddles): 3" horn
    • The Betty Saddles (rarrel racing): 5" horn
  • Seat Size: 11" or 13" unless speficied otherwise

All-Around 1/2 Tooled 11" Pony Saddle

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