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About the Performance Pony Company

Performance Pony Company founder, Camarie Widmer, started producing clinics and providing lessons at her family ranch, Widmer's Rock 'N Roll Arena in Deep River, IA, in 2008. After many years of helping students and beginning to train horses and ponies on her own, she realized the lack of communication between ponies and riders due to poor bit and tack fit. She started to research the availability of bits, tack and accessories for these petite equine athletes, which stood around 12-14 hands, and came up nearly empty handed. What she did find was not the quality, type or style she had in mind. 

After a year of the problem still existing, she decided it was time for someone to create a solution to the problem, which lead to the founding of the Performance Pony Company.  She spent months taking measurements and researching the best products before she was able to get it off the ground. Today, Camarie is confident the Performance Pony Company has a selection of properly fitting bits, tack and accessories to help bridge the communication and product gap that has existed for years in small horses and ponies.


As the company has grown, Camarie has incorporated the "Pony Pro Team". The Pony Pro's consist of 50 small horse and pony riders who represent the Performance Pony Company and the future of rodeo in and out of the arena. The goal of the Performance Pony Company is to help these youngsters learn life skills in and out of the arena while helping to continue and grow the western lifestyle.  

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