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Click Here to learn what reins will work best for you and your pony.


As with all of our products, P.P.C. reins are made with safety, quality, longevity and simplicity in mind!
1. We make our reins an adjustable 6' rein so riders don't have all the excess in their hands to get caught up in. Horse reins are typically 8'.
2. We use all stainless steel hardware so you never have to worry about our snaps or buckles rusting or busting.

3. We use quality nylon material and harness leather that will last for years to come! 
4. We keep it simple buy making them easy to adjust and put on and off! 


Booma Reins are a great tool to add to your tack room! These handy, simple accessories tether your reins to your saddle horn so you never have to worry about yourself or your favorite rider getting in a bind from the reins getting jerked out of their hands when ponies tripping, stumble or are just downright stubborn and putting their heads down! Get yours today!

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