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pony bits

pony bits

"We purchased the fast back bit to help with barrels since he was blowing past them once she would add speed. Slow loping them was gorgeous she would add some steam and he just thought that was his go ahead to run like a fool wherever he felt like going. Since the fastback bit he's not blown a barrel pattern." a quote from customer Kierra Walker!!!

"Really love those pony bits. Having a bit that fits and doesn't slop around in their mouth made a huge difference in my boys being able to neck rein and in general get their ponies to do what they want them to do." - Joshua Mongan


Performance Pony bits come with 4.25" and 4.5" mouthpieces. The cheek pieces are also scaled down to give your pony a comfortable fit to help you communicate and enjoy your ride better.


Not sure what bit will fit? Click on the bit guide to compare bits or fill out the questionnaire on the "Help Me Choose" page and you'll be contacted by the Performance Pony Company to discuss the best option for your pony and rider. 

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