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NEW! Performance Pony Company Braided Hackamores are a great option for the more sensitive nosed ponies and/or beginner riders with heavier hands. The braided noseband is softer and gives a little more relief to sensitive ponies, whereas the rope noseband has a little more leverage for ponies who have a little more pep in their step, but still don't need a bit. 


Pony: 10" noseband

Mini: 9" noseband


Price reflects the added work that it takes to make a braided noseband.


How are hackamores different from bits?


Bits apply pressure to more sensitive points on a pony’s tongue, lips, cheeks, bars, and roof of the mouth to get quick, direct responses. Bits are great when we know how and when to use them.

Since the mouth is sensitive, we also need to know how to apply and release pressure to get the desired result. Beginner riders generally don’t have the experience to know all of that yet. With a bit, many ponies will begin trying to find ways to escape the pressure, which can create bad habits and turn into what seems like bad behaviors.


The PPC hackamore on the other hand distributes the pressure across many points on the side of the face and across the nose. This allows the pony to get a general idea of what the rider is asking while they learn how and where to apply pressure and when to release. The reactions aren’t as refined, which for beginners is good who generally aren’t ready to handle the quickness and sharp responses that bits are designed to create. Hackamores allow them to learn the general concepts and to keep our ponies mouths soft for when we want more refined movements as we advance.


DEMONSTRATION: Think about having a pencil in your mouth and someone pulling on it each direction. Then think about putting the palm of your hand and pulling it each direction. That's similar to the difference between a bit and a hackamore. The pencil (bit) would cause your body to be more reactive than the entire hand (hackamore cheekpiece). Add in a noseband and you've got the concept!

P.P.C. Braided Pony Hackamore

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