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Amanda Dyer

"It's so important not to put a horse size bit, girth or breast strap on a pony causing sores. It is really nice to have a company that specializes in making pony tack. Proper fitting tack makes our ponies perform at the top of their abilities and keeps them comfortable. It also make proper fitting tack safe for our children who are riding these wonderful creatures!

Choosing a bit that works ...

for your rider is critical part of communicating effectively with your pony at the level your rider is at now. What's even more important is making sure they learn the horsemanship to go with the bit.



  1. Riders learn how to ride by balancing with their entire body, not by bracing against the stirrups or pulling on the reins. Try the airplane arms drill on page 34 of the catalog.

  2. Riders learn to control their energy. When they get nervous, remembering to breathe, relax and "melt" into their saddle instead of pulling and squeezing more.

  3. We give the correct cues and apply the right amount of pressure while maintaining balance and a calm energy. 

Let us help you find a bit that fits where your favorite pony rider and their pony are right now so they can learn the skills the need to level up in their horsemanship and their performance!


The fastest way to gain good horsemanship is lessons. Even if you are the most knowledgeable, experienced, decorated horseman or horsewoman, you're child will progress faster with help from someone else.


WHY you ask? Because it's hard for kids to separate coaching from criticism and their parents are the last people they want to let down. When  you coach them, even with the purest, kindest intentions, they often feel like they are disappointing you. So let someone else do it, I promise you won't regret it! 

Not sure where to get lessons in your area? Give us a call and we'll use our network of Pony Pros across America to find someone reputable near you! (641) 799-5042

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Flip through the catalog pages to learn more about each bit! If you still aren't sure what bit is best for you, let us help you! Just fill out this short questionnaire about your pony and rider to give us a better feel of will work for you!

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