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Still not sure what bit is best for you? Let us help you! Just fill out a short questionnaire about your pony and rider to give us a better feel of will work for you!us 

"It is so important not to put a horse size bit in a pony size mouth and not to have a horse size girth or breast strap hanging loosely or not fitting properly causing sores. It is really nice to have a company that specializes in making pony tack. Proper fitting tack makes our ponies perform at the top of their abilities and keeps them comfortable. It is also makes proper fitting tack safe for our children who are riding these wonderful creatures!! " - Amanda Dyer

"We love your bits, especially the junior cow horse!" - Amanda Morris, TN

"Performance Pony Company put out this information on their bits they offer! Camarie is wonderful to help with any questions you might have! We have been ordering more and more pieces of tack for our collection! I have been happy with absolutely every purchase!" - Restless Ranch Ponies

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