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Short shanked chain sliding gag bit provides gradual flex, to create collection giving horses/ponies the opportunity to act before hitting the end of the gag and the bit fully engaging. Sweet iron mouthpiece forms to the mouth and encourages salivation which keeps ponies and horses more comfortable while still having control.


Comes in 4.0" or 4.5" mouth piece with 6" cheek pieces. 


*For pony bits to function properly, it's extremely important to have a headstall and a leather or chain curb that fit correctly. 

Ruby Chain

  • The Performance Pony Company will issue a refund or exchange within 10 days of purchase. Refunds will be given in store credit (does not include shipping). The store credit will be good for all Performance Pony items.
    Exchanges are allowed for different sizes. Used or damaged products will not be accepted.

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