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Saddle Fit!

Having the proper equipment is an extremely important part of both a rider and horse to perform.

If we don't have proper equipment, we can cause pain and discomfort to our horses which causes distractions, miscommunication and can even lead to misbehavior. That comes back to the rider, who then, can't do their job the way they need to because they're trying to keep their horse lined out.

If the rider isn't balanced correctly, the horse receives the wrong signals, pressure gets placed in the wrong spots at the wrong time and even more confusion is created. Not to mention, the subconscious reactions that start to kick in to try to keep us safe.

Poor fitting tack can be a make or break deal between a quality relationship that builds quickly with growth and success, or, a detrimental relationship that breaks down and causes unnecessary, frustrating, destructive issues that are totally preventable.

Going into a new season, we highly recommend checking out your saddles and equipment. Ask a professional or someone you trust who is experienced to check the fit and observe you while you ride to see if your saddle could be the source of many of your problems.

If they recommend a new one, don't be stubborn and bullheaded, listen! They're here to help you and want to see you succeed! Make the best decision to advance you and your horse. Look into quality saddles. That doesn't mean you have to buy brand new or even expensive. You can find older, used, quality saddles for a reasonable price. Focus on letting your results to the talking, not the flashy tack you use.

NOTE: We have nothing against flashy or fancy tack...ask long as it fits and functions correctly and the rider isn't letting status and ego go to their head.


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