The Performance Pony Company only wants the best for our customers, clients and friends. We are proud to sponsor programs across the country who specialize in providing quality ponies. The programs we sponsor have integrity and are honest about the ponies they represent. 

The Punchy Pony Ranch & Livestock located in Rogersville Alabama is owned by Eric and Tiffany Goodman. For many years the Goodman’s watched kids over-and-over again have problems with ponies. They noticed it always came down to the same problem, the ponies were never truly broke. So, in 2014 the they decided to add a pony division to their ranch and have loved every minute of it. They take great pride in selecting, training and raising high quality stock then matching them with their correct riders.

 “We’ve had the opportunity to help many kids and adults find their forever friends,” says Tiffany.


To assist in matching ponies with trainers and rider, they’ve created a very unique and different training program that breaks their ponies into levels and aggressive versus timid rider types. Each pony is trained and matched with their riders based on the which level fall into. Level 1: True Beginner Ponies: “Babysitters” Usually ponies under 40 inches Trained with a focus on younger riders Lead line ponies that can be ridden independently. Level 2: Intermediate Ponies “Teachers” 40 inches to 50 inches tall, trained for giving the rider the ability to learn fundamentals, gain confidence and ride more independently. Level 3: Advanced Ponies Then we set up into our Horse Program. Where we raise, train and breed Halflingers and Foundation Cow Bred Quarter Horses.

 "Our stock has not only given our family the chance to help others, it has given our family the ability to promote the industry, educate, and gain new friends that have become more like family," stated by Tiffany.


To learn more about the Punchy Pony Ranch & Livestock and their levels, you can read the full article by clicking on the button below.  To find out more on the ponies they have for sale follow them on Facebook or contact them via call, text or e-mail.

Call/Text:  (256) 412-9016

Facebook: @PunchyPonyRanch&Livestock

E-mail: shownsteers@hotmail.com

Restless Ranch Ponies, located in Birch Tree, MO, is a group of kids dedicated to training ponies suitable for any cow kid. The kids in our program take desensitizing to a whole new level.


R.R.P. ponies are constantly on the go and, like a good dog, they go where we go.Their ponies are exposed to parades, cattle drives, fun shows, river and extensive trail riding, the list goes on and on! To make it into the Restless program, the ponies must have calm tolerant temperaments.  "We take great pride in what we do and go above and beyond to ensure that every pony and transaction is as perfect as can be," says Ryan Renshaw.


Check out more about the Restless Ranch Ponies program on the read more tab. Visit their website or Facebook page and feel free to check out their ponies in person. Please don't hesitate to contact us directly via call, text or PM. 

Website: www.RestlessRanchPonies.com

Call/Text: 417.274.7176

Facebook: @RestlessRanchPonies

Location: Birch Tree, MO


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