WAFFLES: $4000

Waffles is a six year old pony, just under eleven hands and as stout as they come! She's built like a little tank, and has such a sweet demeanor. Waffles can ride out alone or in a group down the trail, down the road, or in the arena. She will be more than happy to walk back home on a loose rein. Waffles is a proven lesson pony, professionally trained and bring at all gaits. She has smooth transitions, responsive to pressure, neck reins and polite reins. She will easily lope off, however she does prefer to walk or trot. Waffles acts like a true level headed ranch horse with a slick handle and willingness to please. You can pony her, or pony other horses off her! Waffles is a natural with the ropes and pulls like a tank! She ties off way better than we could ask for, and faces up with ease. Waffles can be handled by a child with any of the ground work or saddle work. She's very forgiving to learning kiddos yanking and kicking on her, and any mistakes that come with it. Get your little one started or let your older ones step up, Waffles can handle it all!

Awesome feet, no soundness issues, clean legs, been hauled lots, can do any event, has been around live cattle, roped dummies and she's ready to start roping live cattle!

Located in Delta, CO

Contact Info:

Ashley Jones

530 227 9726







DAISY: $2500

Daisy is a 10 year old, registered, black and white paint pony. She's as sound as they come and has never needed shoes. She'll go where you point her in the arena or on trails, but not for a beginner. Would be a great step up pony for Gymkhanas or youth rodeos. Very nice little pony that could be the next confidence builder for your little rider! Located in Las Vegas, NV. Contact Tera Stacy for more information (702) 701-6002.  See all the videos by searching "Tera Stacey Daisy" on YouTube. 

Blocker: $6000

Blocker is a stout, 14-hand, 6 year-old gelding that will go anywhere you point him. He is grade because the Dam wasn't registered, but he is out of Op Made the Cat x Cats Merada and a 52" quarter pony mare.


Gather and work cattle on him, trail ride in the mountains, rope the sled, cruise him around the barrels, tie goats or just go for a ride, this guy will carry you where you want and keep you close to the ground. Hauled him to rodeos, ridden in parades, penned back at the sale barn, he's done it all. Will go all day, moves out, doesn't miss a beat on any terrain. Solid, proportionate feet that have never had shoes. Ready to be started on live cattle heeling or breakaway/tie down. He's got the talent and try, I just haven't put the time into him that he needs.

Find multiple videos of him at https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=camarie+widmer+blocker

SOLD!!! SNAZZY: $4000

Cute as they come, 7 year old, stout, 12 hand, mare pony. She's been ridden all over and will go anywhere. Located in Rangely, CO. Walks, trots and lopes both leads. Gathered cattle, bulls and broncs with kids on her. Will go anywhere. Rope her while she's walking, ride her all day, haul her to rodeos, leave her tied at the trailer, ride her in the pasture, cruise her through the barrels or poles, she'll do it. Gives to the bit, stops and backs nicely. She's broke right and with a little more time, she'll be roping the sled and ready to start roping on. Will get lazy with a timid rider, but will go all day with a rider that has energy. Good feet, good mind, easy keeper, no buck, bite or kick. This pony will last a family a long time! Asking Four thousand, price will increase as she continues to advance. More videos coming soon. PM, text of call (641) 799-5042 for more information.

SOLD!!! Suzy Q: $4000

Suzy Q is a 5 year old, 11 hand paint mare pony. She's super cute with a great personality. She took a little boy who stared not wanting to ride unless someone was right beside him all the time to trotting and loping by himself and completing the pattern by herself. She's super quiet and anyone can ride her. She's broke like a horse, or ride her like a pony and she'll do whatever you ask her. Lopes the barrels and poles, started roping the hot heels, been trail ridden, hauls great and has good feet. She's the kind of pony you want to start your kids on. She's safe, sweet and super fun! The boy in the videos started out riding Suzy Q as a favor and wasn't sure about riding a pony, by the end of the videos, he was adjusting the stirrups on his own to jump back on and ride her around. 

SOLD!!! Rosie: $2000

Rosie is a flashy, 13-year-old, 13-1 hand POA mare pony. She’s an athletic pony that is willing to do whatever you ask. She walks, trots and lopes both leads. She has a light mouth, collection and a good stop. Rosie cruises the barrels and poles, but doesn't go faster than you ask and doesn't take off. She would be a great pony for someone to learn on and become a more aggressive rider.  She’s been penned back on at the sale barn and she's started roping the calf sled.  This pony is a really nice pony that will help someone gain a lot of confidence.  See more videos by searching "Camarie Widmer Rosie" on YouTube. 

SOLD!!! Cindy Lou: $8000

Are you looking for an awesome, good looking, well-minded pony that your kid(s) can win on and be safe on? Cindy Lou is the real deal.  Breakaway, heeling, goat tying, barrels, poles, trail ride, sort cattle, pen back at the sale barn, ride double, she's done it all. She's been hauled to youth rodeos all over Iowa and recently won the Little Iron Horse contest in Cedar Rapids, IA where she won the barrels, poles, goat tying, trail class and breakaway class. She started with a little boy that had only ridden for fun and allowed him to learn how to rope and be competitive. She's broke like a horse, soft in the mouth, stops good, turns correctly, scores good, runs smooth. She is broke.  Cindy Lou is responsive, athletic and quick. Not for a "handsy" rider. Only selling because the family decided to get into show cattle. Ponies like this don't come along often.  9 years old, 12 hands tall. Check out her videos by searching "Camarie Widmer Cindy Lou" or click on the individual links. 


SOLD!! Sweetness: $4000

Sweetness is a cute, 8 year old roan mare pony. She's athletic and smart! She good around cattle, loves penning back at the sale barn, runs the barrels and poles. She's started roping the calf sled and is doing great. She walks, trots & lopes both leads. She moves out and can keep up with the big horses. Easy to catch and likes to be loved on!  This pony is going to take someone to the pay window! To see all the videos, search "Camarie Widmer Sweetness" on YouTube. 

SOLD!! Thunder: $4500

Thunder is a super cool, 12 year old, 12 hand pony. This pony is BROKE & beautiful. He has a reining background, started roping, knows the barrels and poles and is broke enough to do anything else you want him to. Open & close gates, push up cattle, trail ride, He'll go all day. He walks, trots, lopes both leads, stops very well. They don't come much better than him. He's super cute and built right with good feet. He's the kind that can be passed from family to family and teach tons of kids what a good pony is like. Videos in links or search "Camarie Widmer Thunder" on YouTube. $4500. Located in Kingston, OK. PM, call or text (641) 799-5042. 

SOLD!! Angus: $2500

Angus is a 9 year old black gelding pony. He's on his way to be a very nice, laid back pony. He's learning quickly and wants to please. We've started penning back at the sale barn, working on opening and closing gates, picking up his shoulders and being responsive. I'm very excited to see him progress. Videos coming soon! Price subject to change as he continues to get better. 

SOLD!!! Freida: $3500

Frieda is an 11-year-old brown and white paint, mare pony, 11 hands tall. She’s been hauled to rodeos, carried flags and penned calves and steers. She’s been a great lesson pony for kids to learn everything from haltering and grooming to loping around the barrels. Frieda gives kids the confidence they need to have fun and continue learning. Use her as a lead line pony or turn kids loose on their own. You can throw a rope on her, cross water, ride double or bareback, gather cows in the pasture and use her in parades. To see more videos search "Camarie Widmer Freida" on YouTube. More videos and pictures available by calling 641-799-5042. 

SOLD!!! Texas Ranger: $4000

Tex is a very nice 13 hand pony. He's a sweet red roan gelding who is easy to catch, patient and willing to do what you want. He only goes as fast as you ask. He walks, trots, lopes both leads. He knows the barrels & poles and is started roping the calf sled. He's been hauled to roping jackpots, barrel races and penned back at the sale barn. There is no nonsense about this guy, he's gentle and good to have around! 

SOLD!!! BELLA: $3500

Bella is a stout 7 year old, paint mare pony. She stands at 13-3 and can carry about anyone. This pony can go all day and not skip a beat. Doing great arena roping and roping the calf sled. She has a good start on the barrels and will go where you ask her. She works great penning back at the sale barn and is a good pasture pony that's stout enough to do the job but the right size to get on and off.  She's athletic and pretty!! 


They don't come much better than Strawberry. She's quiet and will go anywhere. Throw a rope, cross water, carry tarps, work cattle, drag sleds, barrels, poles, trail ride, etc. She's cute as can be and broke. Walk, trot and she'll pick up both leads. Strawberry is 6 years old and 12 hands tall. This kind of pony is hard to come by. 

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