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ntroducing the KD-131 Hat Box: The Ultimate Protection for Your Hats and Helmets

The KD-131 Hat Box, the original K&D hat can, offers unparalleled protection and organization for your hats and helmets. Designed with the needs of equestrians, rodeo enthusiasts, and helmet users in mind, this hat box is perfect for anyone looking to safeguard their headwear during travel or storage.


Key Features of the KD-131 Hat Box:

Spacious Design: Accommodates hats up to a 4 1/4" brim, ensuring a wide range of hats and helmets can be securely stored.
Built-in Mirror: Comes equipped with a mirror, making it easy to adjust your hat or helmet on the go.
Optional Accessory Case: Enhance your organization with an additional accessory case that’s perfect for storing hat sponges, brushes, bobby pins, hair ties, and other essential items.
Durability and Security: Crafted from tough, durable materials, this hat box protects your hats from bumps and scratches, providing peace of mind while traveling or during storage.

The KD-131 Hat Box isn't just a carrying case; it's a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to maintain their hats in pristine condition. Whether you're headed to a show, competition, or simply storing your gear at home, the KD-131 offers the protection and functionality you need.

Equip yourself with the KD-131 Hat Box and travel with confidence, knowing that your hats and helmets are well-protected and your accessories neatly organized. This hat box is the ideal choice for anyone serious about their headgear.

K & D Hat Can

$59.99 Regular Price
$50.99Sale Price
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