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Explore God's Goodness through one of His most majestic creatures. 


In this young reader edition of the bestselling devotional, Cara Whitney shares stories from her horse farm with thoughts on the spiritual thruths she's learned from these incredible animals. WHat can a one-eyed quater horse named Raonie teach us about how we are pricelss in God's sight? How can Sven's "sneak and eat" trick on trail rides help us remember that God is greater than our temptations? Horses have a lot to show us about prayer, joy, friendship and God's amazing love. 


Each devotion invludes a Bible verse, reflection from Cara, and a short prayer. Cara also includes gorgeous photography from her farm, so you'll be able to meet the horse friends she writes about. This unique devotional invites you to know God in a deeper way through the beautiful animals He created. 

Unbridled Faith: Devotions for the Young Readers

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