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Bridging the Pony Tack Gap

DEEP RIVER, IA – For years upon years, parents, grandparents, trainers and equine enthusiasts have struggled to find properly fitting bits, tack and accessories for small horses and ponies. Now, there’s a solution, the Performance Pony Company.

Founder of the Performance Pony Company, Camie Widmer, said, “after training ponies and giving lessons to children that ride ponies, I found kids struggling to control and communicate with their equine partner in part, because nothing fit correctly. The most broke ponies were confused and kids were frustrated. That’s when I decided to create a line of products to fit small horses and ponies.”

After measuring a wide variety of ponies and small horses at her families timed event rodeos, she found the sizes and styles of tack that people were looking for. Widmer now has an online store stocked with bits that have 4.25” and 4.5” mouthpieces with proportionally smaller cheek pieces, headstalls, breast collars and other tack that are also smaller to fit small horses and ponies.

Whether you want to change the way you connect with your pony or small horse through tack and bits or seeking information on horse and pony care, find the Performance Pony Company on-line at “I really hope these products will make it easier to ride and communicate with ponies, as well as help change the negative perception they have gotten over the years,” said Widmer.


Our mission at the Performance Pony Company is to provide riders with a quality selection of properly sized bits, tack and accessories for enhanced comfort and better communication for small horses and ponies.

Lead line pony tack set

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