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Measuring for your Performance Pony Company Tack

If you aren't sure if your pony needs a regular size or a mini size headstall or breast collar or a 4.25" or 4.5" bit you'll want to take a couple measurements. To take measurements you'll want to have a soft fabric measuring tape or piece of string and something solid that you can put in the ponies mouth without injuring it.

Headstall: Measure from one side of the ponies mouth, behind the ears at the pole and over to the other corner of the mouth. If your using a measuring tape, write down the entire measurement from one side to the other. If you use the string, make a mark at one corner and a mark at the other corner, lay the string on a flat surface and record the measurement.

Breast Collar: Saddle your pony like you normally would and cinch it up. Measure from where your breast collar will attach on one side to the place it will attach on the other side. Keep in mind the shape of a breast collar and account for some curvature. If using a string, lay it on a flat surface and record the measurement.

Bit: I like to use a plastic ruler, if you don't have one, you can use anything that is solid enough that ponies natural mouth movements won't change your measurement. Place the object in the ponies mouth like you would a bit. You want the object to be snug with the corners of the mouth, but not so tight as to have wrinkles in the corners and not so loose that there is space between the object and the corner of the mouth. Mark on each side of the ponies mouth and record the measurement.

These measurements will determine if you need a mini headstall or breast collar or a 4.25" or 4.5" bit. If you have any questions about measuring or what size you'll need, please email Camie at or call or text (641) 799-5042.

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